About Us


Gabe Switzer

Gabe has been a musician since his early childhood.   Following in his dad's footsteps, Gabe picked up drumming at an early age.  His exposure to live music introduced him to live sound and lighting while still in middle school.   Gabe purchased his first equipment to do some DJ work while still in high school.  Following high school, Gabe  played with several bands in the north-central Missouri area, and still sits in from time to time.  Gabe's experiences in the live sound industry have honed his  skills as a talented sound and lighting engineer.  


Bob Davis

Bob picked up playing guitar while in high school and played in a band.  after high school, he continued playing local venues. collecting sound equipment as a necessity for his band.  Bob retired as a band member, but continued to provide live sound reinforcement for small venues, as well as some minor work as a volunteer consultant for schools and churches.  Bob went on to do some studio engineering work for some local artists.  In the early 2010s, Bob and Gabe teamed up to form G&R Productions.  Bob has an ear for quality and provides excellent on-stage service for artists - an extremely valuable asset as a sound and lighting engineer.


Nathan Davis

Nathan started in music at an early age.   He started as a drummer in elementary school, and went on to learn guitar.  Nathan gained experience helping Bob with various live sound events throughout high school.  In college, he worked as a sound technician at the on-campus theater.  Nathan worked out of state for a few years, but was able to join back up with Gabe and Bob in 2016 to provide another experienced sound and lighting engineer to the team.