For Artists and Bands

We're glad you've made your way here.  We want to provide a run-down of quick information to let you know how we operate.  Hopefully the information below can answer some questions regarding working with G&R Productions, LLC.   We strive to eliminate hassles and headaches by showing up on-time and over-prepared.  Keep in mind, the more we know before the show, the better  we can serve you.  If you have specific questions or comments, please feel free to contact us.


We Will Treat You Right

 When you arrive, relax...our primary goal is to help you put on a great show and enjoy our time working together.   Immediately we will work to build a relationship of respect with you.  We really strive to treat  people right.  Finally and maybe almost as important, we are all musicians, so we've done what you're doing and  understand your needs.

What We Provide

Depending on the venue, , we are typically contracted to provide front-of-house sound, stage monitors, microphones, stands, cables, stage lighting, and  power.  While there are some things we don't provide (i.e., in-ear monitors, wireless instrument transmitters, wireless microphones), we can accommodate most equipment that you bring.  If you have questions, please feel contact us.

Send us a Current Stage Plot & Input List

We try to show up at venues with plenty of time to spare  and  plan to have the stage ready when you arrive.  In order to save time during your load-in and sound check, a current stage plot is extremely useful.  The most important information on stage plots are: contact information, drum set sizes, type and number of instruments, total number of singers, and names!  Yes...names help us communicate during set-up, sound check,   show, and load-out.

Bring Your Digital Console Show Files

We run all digital consoles and may be  capable of loading and/or saving show files.  If you have a saved show file from a previous gig, let us know!  If you don't, bring a flash drive and  we'll give you the show files after you're done!

Advancing the Show - Please Call Us!

Because we are looking  forward to working with you, it's important to us that the event goes smoothly for everyone, and a lot of preparation goes into achieving this goal.  To help us work together, please provide us with contacts info for the band and/or artist at least two weeks  prior to the show.  Please make sure your contact information is up-to-date, and that multiple people are listed.

This conversation is the best opportunity to discuss important details about the show date.  This is a good time for you to ask about our available equipment or personnel.  The major point of discussion for us will be key times; arrival time, sound check time, show time(s).   Having this information is crucial to getting you from arrival to show time in an efficient and stress free manner.

Do You Have Your Own Engineer?

  • Yes?  Great!  We look forward to working with them!  Please  have them contact us to exchange information and iron out any details or questions in advance.
  • No?  Don't worry.  We have  experienced  engineers to make you look and sound great.